I bought it at Christie’s – the thrill of buying at auction – Christie’s

The people who take part in Christie’s auctions are as different as the objects we sell. Each person has their own distinct approach to bidding on the lots they want. In this series, we talk to artists, gallerists and interior decorators, museum directors, dealers and avid collectors — all of them Christie’s clients — about the things they bought, and why. 

Discover how their auction tactics differ, and how they try to stay calm amid the excitement of the saleroom. Find out who said, ‘I’ve found that the adrenalin goes sky-high’, which one of our experts believes the best strategy is look at the lots up close in the pre-sale view, and who, among our interviewees, takes the more pragmatic approach: ‘I put in a phone bid… and then back off and avoid the computer at all costs while the auction is on’.