‘Billions’ Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Moral Inconvenience – The New York Times

Bobby Axelrod can see the Matrix. Or whatever the moneymaking equivalent of the Matrix would be.

After popping a barely legal brain enhancement pill called Vigilantix, provided by Axe Cap’s resident dark-arts practitioner Victor Mateo, Bobby is convinced that both he and any of his employees who have taken this dubious drug are thinking five, 15, 50 steps ahead of their competitors. As stock-ticker numbers fly across the screen, his eyes glow as blue as the Night King’s from “Game of Thrones,” as if he had literal superpowers. And he is focusing those powers on a single goal: Corner the rare-minerals market by investing in meteor harvesting.

No, really.

It takes all the argumentative power of his protégé turned rival turned partner, Taylor Mason, to convince him of the truth: This get-rich-quick scheme will shoot a $3 billion hole in the company’s bottom line. Didn’t he realize that if meteors become an abundant source of precious minerals, those minerals will become … not so precious anymore? It’s simple supply and demand, and thanks to Victor’s little pink pills, blue-eyed Bobby’s vision was too clouded to see it.

Directed by David Costabile (who plays Wags) from a script by Emily Hornsby and the co-showrunners Brian Koppelman and David Levien, this episode of “Billions” is replete with punchy plotlines and payoffs. Schemes are cooked up and pulled off in rapid-fire succession, ending