Rare Jack Kirby X-Men art reveals early, alternate names for Scarlet Witch – SYFY WIRE

A rare piece of original comic book art by the great Jack Kirby recently landed at auction, and while all Kirby art is worth celebrating, this one is a particularly interesting piece of Marvel Comics history.

Heritage Auctions is now taking bids on a beautiful splash page by Kirby from X-Men #4, published in 1964. Featuring inks by Paul Reinman, the uncolored page shows off the original X-Men team in the Danger Room, where Hank “Beast” McCoy is going through a training exercise as the rest of the mutants watch. It’s a great piece for Kirby fans, but as Heritage Director of Comics and Comic Art Joe Mannarino told SYFY WIRE, this particular page from this particular issue is an especially rare find.

According to Mannarino, and Heritage’s official description of the art, Kirby’s packed schedule in the early days of Marvel superhero publishing meant that he only did full pencils for the first 10 issues of X-Men before shifting to breakdowns only and letting another artist handle the finishes. Plus, much of the art from those early issues was either given away or discarded entirely, which means this splash page is actually the first piece from X-Men #4 to ever arrive at auction.

As Mannarino explained, we have the piece now only because Stan Lee decided to give the page away to a potential buyer for Marvel Comics in the 1960s.

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