Arts Interview: Bringing Art Auctions Online – Weekly Alibi

Jennifer DeSantis

Jennifer DeSantis at a distance in Downtown, Albuquerque.
Clarke Condé

Jennifer DeSantis’ business card says she is the “Liaison of Social Activities Extraordinaire” for OT Circus, a non-profit gallery and art event space in downtown Albuquerque. That title is a tall order in normal times, but since the global pandemic took hold, she has had to redefine her role as the “Social Activities” part dissipated. She is now, as she describes, an “Art Tender:” She helps New Mexico’s artists show and sell their work in a world that has for the past few months been one with shuttered galleries and artists left with few venues in which to make a living.

Enter Facebook. The social media site became for DeSantis and OT Circus a readymade platform to not only help local artists sell their work without investing much time or money in infrastructure, but to also grow a supportive community of local artists. Weekly Alibi sat down with DeSantis (at a social distance) to find out how the OT Circus ABQ Online Art Auctions work. The following is an edited version of that conversation.

Weekly Alibi: You’ve managed to come up